CALL Copenhagen

Welcome to the Climate Adaptation Living Lab for Greater Copenhagen. We demonstrate, showcase and market integrated real-world climate adaptation solutions.

Latest Updates

Catchment Monitoring

A system is tested to monitor the hydrological functionality and capacity of the catchment to support the collaborative impact assessment of 1) sea water level rise 2) increased rainstorm frequency and intensity and 3) summer droughts and changed precipitation pattern. The catchment spans 8 different local governments, 3 water utilities, rural and urban areas, and…

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Rain Gauge Test Facility

Accurate monitoring of precipitation is the key to defining design conditions for control and regulation of flow as well as warning systems. Precipitation can be monitored using a range of methodologies that describe the type of precipitation (snow, size of raindrops), spatial distribution (radar) and precipitation intensity. CALL role and contribution To gain a better…

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The Cloudburst Valve

The Cloudburst Valve is a simple solution for homeowners to install themselves. It is activated only during intense rainfalls and discharge the rain water from the roof to the surrounding terrain instead of the sewer, where  the capacity is too limited to handle the large and sudden amounts of water. CALL role and contribution Full…

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Collaboratorium for Climate Adaptation

CALL Copenhagen has facilitated the development of a GIS-driven platform for co-creative and collaborative planning of local climate adaptation projects. The development was undertaken by the Copenhagen learning resource center ENERGY & WATER in a partnership with Greater Copenhagen Utility, The City of Copenhagen, GEOINFO, Build a World and The University of Aalborg with support…

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