About CALL

Greater Copenhagen is a global climate adaptation front-runner with a long history of pioneering research and investments in sustainable solutions.

The Danish industry, research institutions, public authorities and utilities work together closely in the effort to turn climate related challenges into opportunities for sustainable green growth and enhanced living conditions for a growing population.

CALL Copenhagen is the climate adaptation living lab of Greater Copenhagen. We bring city, utility, research and industry partners together in order to develop and market the best climate adaptation solutions.

Vision and mission


CALL Copenhagen furthers systemic climate adaptions solutions supporting the development of a climate ready Greater Copenhagen, efficient city and utility services, green growth and employment.


CALL Copenhagen builds innovative partnerships with cities, utilities, research institutions and industries, that develop and market climate adaption solutions with great societal value.

Business model

Our business model is based on a strong city and utility ownership. The focus of every project is a scalable real-world solution for a specific climate adaptation problem.

Cities and utilities benefit from new and cost-effective solutions, and innovative industries benefit from better demonstration and market access.

The ability to deliver these benefits ultimately finances CALL Copenhagen’s activities.

CALL's Double Loop Value Chain

CALL’s double loop value chain turns climate adaptation projects into marketable solutions by driving them through the necessary development, demonstration, documentation and commercialization processes.

Founding Partners

City of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune): Denmark’s Capital City is a pioneer in the fields of climate mitigation and adaptation. Copenhagen has developed far-reaching plans to tackle the effects of climate change, and the city, and plays an important role internationally as lead of the C40 Green Growth Network, Beijing Sister City and as an active member of Eurocities.

Capital Region of Denmark (Region H): The Capital Region of Denmark follows the vision of creating a green and innovative metropolis with high growth rates and life quality. The region invests in green growth, green energy transition and the up-scaling of climate adaptation.

Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR). HOFOR is Denmark’s largest utility company, responsible for fresh water, district heating and cooling, gas supply as well as rain and waste water discharge. The company’s vision is to create sustainable towns and cities. HOFOR’s ambitious projects insure that Greater Copenhagen becomes a climate-ready metropolis that is climate adapted and carbon neutral by 2025.

Greater Copenhagen Wastewater (BIOFOS). BIOFOS is Denmark’s largest wastewater company and a pioneer in the field of climate friendly and resource conserving wastewater treatment. The company applies innovative technology in order to reduce the impact of water treatment and heads towards an energy positive future wastewater treatment.


CALL Copenhagen is a project owned by HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility – and run in cooperation with the three co-founding partners: The Capital Region of Denmark, BIOFOS DENMARK and the City of Copenhagen.

The steering committee is formed by representatives of the four founding partners, and representatives of the Danish Water and Wastewater Association and the Confederation of Danish Industry:

Frank Brodersen – Senior Vice President, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility

Responsible for the Environment and Co-Operation activities within HOFOR, Frank endeavors to create economically and ecologically robust supply systems.

Gitte Larsen – Head of Unit, Capital Region of Denmark (Region H)

Gitte is part of the Capital Region’s center for regional development, which facilitates sustainable, regional and healthy growth together with regional actors.

Lene MårtenssonHead of Departement, City of Copenhagen

As head of Citywide Strategies at Copenhagen’s Technical and Environmental Administration Lene is responsible for the cross cutting urban development in cooperation with citizens, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders.

John Buur Christiansen CEO, Greater Copenhagen Wastewater (BIOFOS)

As CEO of BIOFOS, John ensures that the company meets its ambitious goals within sustainable, economical and climate-friendly wastewater treatment.

Carl-Emil LarsenManaging director, Danish Water and Wastewater Association (DANVA)

The managing director of DANVA is head of an organization that wants to turn Denmark into a global center for knowledge about water and climate solutions, resource efficiency and the integrated management of the entire water cycle.

Peter Bøgh Hansen – Head of Global Partnerships, Confederation of Danish Industry

Peter Bøgh Hansen represents the Confederation of Danish Industry and is responsible for managing a number of public-private partnership promoting sustainable Danish business solutions on global markets. This includes local ‘engagement hubs’ in New York, Shanghai and Munich.

CALL Identity Collateral

CALL Copenhagen’s brand manual describes the core elements of CALL Copenhagen’s visual identity and provides the guidelines for how to apply the design standards in digital, print and all other media.

Please CLICK HERE to download a .zip archive containing the CALL Identity collateral including: our corporate visual identity graphic standards manual, logos, fonts and color palettes.